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Cancer changed my life!

July 28th, 2011
Cancer is so limited…
It cannot cripple love.
It cannot shatter hope.
It cannot corrode faith.
It cannot eat away peace.
It cannot destroy confidence.
It cannot kill friendship.
It cannot shut out memories.
It cannot silence courage.
It cannot reduce eternal life.
It cannot quench the Spirit.
It seems like years since I heard those words “It’s cancer” and it seems like only yesterday at the same time. I really can’t believe how my life has changed. I will be 33 tomorrow and yet in my mind I feel 93! but still young in body and soul. I decided to buy myself a nice bottle of wine the other day to enjoy while watching a movie with someone close and when I went to the shop for it the lady there asked me for ID for my age!! well that put a smile on my face even though I was embarrassed she wouldn’t serve me and many people were looking on. It made me feel young again! and made me see that this cancer hasn’t won! even though it has taken alot from me. I have lost 2 people in my life this year to cancer, the first was John who was like a Dad to me, he was only diagnosed last year with cancer and only survived a short time after, yet he was the one telling me how great I looked when I lost my hair to cancer. I used to see him at the hospital and when I went the other day to hospital for a check up I felt him with me again but this time in spirit form. I used to work with john when I was 17 before I went into the army. I worked on a evening in a large shop warehouse with John and when I got in to trouble for breaking a chair(I had been dancing on in the warehouse) he took the blame . He also used to walk me home at night to see me safe, so it was so hard knowing he had passed away. The good thing was his funeral was amazing! and was just how john would have wanted it, bright clothes and no black and Dancing queen being played in place of hymns. I have also lost a lady friend to breast cancer. The support group we both went to is where we met and it was only a few months ago we were talking in town and she was telling me how well she was doing. Last week I found out she lost her battle as it had gone to her brain.
It seems like cancer is everywhere at times! and it made me think how short life is. I feel so often like I am only here for such a short time and so I am going to make that time count. I went to see my doctor the other day at hospital and he told me I have the start of thinning of the bones and this is caused through the treatment I am still having. I am also having other health problems through treatment and all because I need to keep cancer from coming back. I cried to the doctor because I feel so weak and frail at times but it was like he said they are trying to give me some time. The good thing is since going through cancer I have become a strong person and more understanding. I have forgiven past hurts and moved on and tried to understand why people hurt me. I have learnt to look for the good in all people and through this I have met some amazing friends who have made me live life again. My hair is growing back and I am feeling my girly sexy self again!! as I dress up and go out on nights out with friends. I even had my nails done for my Birthday from my best friend Rachel! thanks Rachel I love them and will go again to get them done.
I know I have good days and bad but life is better for me in many ways. I have left the past behind and walked through a door that is full of love and beauty. I am going away for my birthday and so it will be a time to celebrate my book and my health and the new people in my life. I will walk tall and enjoy every second of it and bring back more good memories. I am glad my new book is doing so well and is helping others, that was the aim of it. It has taken some 0f the pain away from my first book and the hurt someone caused me doing the book. Saying that I adore that book and it will always be my book!! but doing this new one is saying to that person “You have no power over me anymore, you have tried to harm me using that last book but this new one has MY NAME ON IT! and is my book”. I feel the link broken once and for all with the person who hurt me and I do not even bother to think about them anymore, I infact feel sorry for them and pity them. I have proved I can be happy on my own and not letting them see I needed them after all! and gosh I feel so strong because of it and what they did to me! and this new book is my victory.
I live each day as if it were the last and I am a new me! a reborn me who is happy and doing well. I do not strive for money only love and peace and in many ways I am happier now the bad has gone out of my life. I have amazing friends and family and a amazing little man in my life called Sir Basil the yorkie who thinks he is human( and he is in my eyes).
Thank you to all those that believed in me and knew I would fight on and to those that tried to stop me “See how strong I become each day and know from the dark you gave me I have learnt to shine my own light that has removed your dark”
And to cancer I say! “Thank you for coming to my life and teaching me to become a better person and teaching me to love myself first and respect my time on this earth”

Cancer support Dudley

July 21st, 2011

This is the link to the Cancer support in Dudley Westmidlands. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me and still do! They helped me out so many times and the Rainbow group I go to there is amazing!! I went today and always come away feeling on top of the world. They are such lovely warm caring people and make the journey of cancer feel alot less stressful. Please visit their site and if you can donate to them that would be amazing as they really do so much for others. Or if you have any fund raising ideas just let them know and I am sure it would mean alot to them.


Thank you!

June 29th, 2011

A big Thank you for all the lovely comments and feedback I have received so far from people about my new book ‘A Walk On The Other Side’. I am really pleased with the feedback and I feel the book is already doing its job! When I held my first copy of my new book I cried with tears of joy knowing how far I have come in life after all my pain and suffering. I feel very happy with my life at the moment and many more changes are coming soon! which will help me even more, and some exciting news which I will soon share with you.

I plan to carry on writing and helping people through my books and work.

Also a big Thank you to all my family and friends that have supported me! you are all amazing and what would I do without you all? your love has carried me this far and I know will carry me even further.

They say from the darkness comes light and that is what is happening in my life right now, from the pain and hurt has come light and love and I am spreading my wings and enjoying all that is in my life. The power of God and Spirit has overcome all the negative energy that was around me and proved that nothing can stand in the way of spirit!

Love and light alwaysXX


June 20th, 2011

Here are some links to my new book ‘A Walk On The Other Side’

there is also a new web page  coming soon about my book !

Link to publishers site

June 15th, 2011

This is a link to my publishers site. A new page just on my new book is coming soon to my  website!

Press Release for my new book!

June 13th, 2011


A Walk On The Other Side

By Charmaine Mary Nona Maeer







Astounding new work charts one woman’s incredible spiritual journey from worrier to warrior; A Walk On The Other Side confronts our fear of mortality and suggests a happier path for all.


There is no escape from the clutches of death, and each of us must face our own demise eventually.  But author Charmaine Mary Nona Maeer has done much more than that; she has stared death in the face and lived to tell the tale, as the survivor of a near death experience. Maeer’s life has been a personal battlefield; from her time serving in the British army, to her brave fight against cancer, and in A Walk On The Other Side she relives her story of tragedy, trauma and loss in order to guide and support others, through the darkness and into the light. In an amazing account of her near death experiences, Maeer illuminates a truer reality than that of our everyday consciousness, exploring the reasons for our birth and death as well as revealing the existence of a vibrant living truth beyond the veil. A Walk On The Other Side teaches us how to move through pain and suffering and embrace the end of life and the passing from the mortal state to the spiritual.


Charmaine Mary Nona Maeer’s engaging story tackles the difficult subject of our mortality with confidence and clarity. Exploring the effects of grief, pain and suffering, A Walk On The Other Side removes the taboo from conversations about death, and provides sensitive and perceptive instruction on how to cope with the emotional and metaphysical concept of mortality, in ourselves and our loved ones. Maeer writes with persuasive conviction and emotional dexterity, using her own gripping struggle to inform her far-reaching exposition of creation, reality and purpose.


About the Author: Charmaine Mary Nona Maeer hails from a family of respected spiritual healers and spiritual mediums, including her mother and grandmother. A personal trauma triggered Maeer’s own mind open up to her enlightened spiritual heritage and she now runs her own alternative therapy business, including Reiki healing and counseling. Other titles by Maeer include The Hell Of Allegiance. As she continues to battle the disease, Maeer runs a support group for fellow breast cancer sufferers in her hometown of Dudley, West Midlands.



For a review copy or interview request, please contact:

Publicity Coordinator

Tel (UK): 0800 197 4150

New Book ‘A Walk On The Other Side’

May 25th, 2011

At last my New Book goes to print today! and will soon be available to buy. It really has been a long journey as my last publisher went out of business right before the book was to go out! this caused me to have to find a new Publisher and when I did they have helped me move the book along to get it Published alot sooner. I will be adding a New page to my website in the next few weeks and the book details will be on there also.

I want to thank my Publishers for their hard work and for seeing the potential this book can bring. I know it will help many people and will open up a new door for myself. I am proud of this book and will stand tall when I hold the first copy, I will cry with tears of joy for the journey I have had to get my word into print. I have proven to myself and to all those that tried to stop me that when I put my mind to something I can do it! and will do it! and the more people try to put me down the more I will walk tall!.

Bless all of you that have helped me make this new Book my voice to the world.

Breast Cancer Charity walk

March 17th, 2011

I will be taking part in the Rainbow Group Reconstruction Group Charity walk(3 miles) at the Bodenham Arboretum Wolverly on the 26th of April 2011. Registered charity no. 1129598.

This walk will mark how far I have come in my treatment and fight for life as well as raise money for Breast Cancer Charity.

If any of you would like to sponsor me please email me and I will let you know how.

Again I am proud to be taking part in this walk that will be filmed by Central News Midlands.


February 16th, 2011

My New Book will soon be Published and there will be a link to the New Publishers Website shortly. The Book has already had many rave reviews and so I am excited about its journey. I am going through a very exciting time in my life and there have been many ‘New doors’ open to me which I shall share with you all in time.

From the Dark came light and this is so true of my life at the moment!

New Year!

December 30th, 2010

This Year ahead is exciting for me with my New Book ready to go to print and with better health than the start of last year. I feel this year 2010 was about clearing out the bad in my life and I let go of a bad relationship that was full of negativity and once I did that things started to get better for me in my life. New people came to show me the true meaning of love and I made friends with my sister who I had not seen for years. I stared to get better both in mind and body once that bad relationship went and I started to repect myself once more. It was like this Cancer turned out to be good for me in many ways , it made me see who I was once more and what I wanted in life. From the suffering came new insight and inspiration and a will to live and be happy and not try to make someone else happy at the expence of my own life. It was a hard year in many ways but I am coming out the end of the dark tunnel and into a new life that brings much love and joy. I have let go of the anger that was in me and turned it into living and being happy. My hair is growing again and in a lovely new style that made me cry! when I saw it (when you have no hair you see it like a gift once it comes back). I am getting stronger and doing things that make me happy with good loving people around me.

Make this year a New start for yourself and do not try to feel let down if it does not start off as you plan. Take small steps and aim only for peace and happiness. If you start to aim for wealth it will only bring you down to a sad lonely place that does not make you happy. Aim for love and joy and then the wealth you once thought was all about money will come to you with a heart full of warmth and happiness.  There will be many people that tell you they are rich and “have it all” but the ones that brag are the ones that usualy get their wealth through hurting others first. Listen to what they say but do not envy what they have for the people I met who claim to have money are always sad and lonely with a fake tongue that does harm not good. Be happy with what you have and once you do that more goodness will come into your life. Work on yourself and what makes you happy .

Make 2011 a New start and live each day like it was your last! after having cancer I learnt to live for now not tomorrow. If you can do that you will start to see how beautiful life is and how each day is what is most important. I learnt to see each day as a celebration and I made sure I aimed to do everything I needed to do in that one day. This new lesson made things start to happen that were good for me and made me see what life was all about. When the Fire works go off this New Years Eve I shall say a big thank you to God for allowing me this time with those I lovexx



I send you all my love and blessings for this New Year ahead and always. XX