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Please stay strong..

I am so sorry to have to tell you that my cancer has now taken over many of my main organs and I have been told I will not be on earth much longer…I have been in hospital to control the pain and now the cancer nurses are coming into me to support me….I had some new pictures done a few weeks ago for my website and I am glad to be putting them on here very soon…please remember me like this with my hair and how happy I look….my spirit is strong so be happy for me….I will try and keep you updated.. whatever you hear please be happy for me and remember I have not gone spirit is what is real my body was just my shell to live out my time on earth in…

My New pictures and updated site are going to let you see how happy I was and how I need you all to remember me..I am not scared just racing to leave things in order so that my time in spirit is a peaceful one….I love you allX

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