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Happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year

Goodness me..this year seems to have flown by! and here I am again wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year…and here I am again telling you that my website will soon be updated and even more interesting. I have taken a look back at my website and there is so much on there that needs changing…my picture for one! that seems like years ago…but saying that I am feeling very much like my old self once more. This time when I say my website will be updated this coming year I do mean it! I think my health has again taken much of my time and also my work…I never seem to have a second to myself these days. I have been working on new books and finishing off ones I put to the side. My first novel is taking shape and looks to be a very interesting read for those of you that enjoy ‘Horror films’…It is a secret passion of mine writing horror stories, so I thought it was about time I made one into a novel.

This year has also been a resting time for me and has helped me regain some much needed strength both physicaly and mentaly. I have found time for myself this year and for those I love around me. I have been on some amazing adventures and met with some amazing people!…these people have helped me to regain much needed confidence and healing to see me through many difficult times.

This year I hope to show you some of the work I have been doing and share my gifts once more with the world. I feel so much more happier in life and feel that at last life has given me some very pleasant gifts. My book ‘A Walk On The Other Side’ has been helping so many of you! and that really pleases me. I wanted it to help people and help them see that we do survive death; and that death is only the start of our spiritual journey and not the end….the word death should be banned really! as why use a word that means end of life when it is infact the start?

I could keep writing for hours about my many adventures this year; but I am sure you will all soon hear about them.

Remember that Christmas is about love and sharing with those we love. Gifts are a small part of that love; words and hugs and kisses mean so much to those around us. Why not share some joy with those that need it this time of year…like the homeless..why not give a helping hand to a charity that gives a meal to those in need….or even a simple kind smile to someone you pass in the street who looks sad…or even when out driving let that car that seems to have waited ages turn in front of you! something so simple but something that could be a large gesture of festivie cheer(but don’t do what I do and let them all pass you as then the one behind you will start to feel less festive cheer!!) Ha Ha

This time of year is a time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future…we all have a dream and a wish! why not make that dream come true? Yes you can make it come true if you only try hard enough and never give up on yourself. I have learnt this many times…I never thought I would see another Christmas after my health but here I am again writing my Blog and hugging Basil as he sits on my lap (Basil my Yorkie and best friend)

I wish you all a peaceful and joyful Christmas as I ask that God welcomes the light of the world once more into your lives…may the love and light that Christ brought us be with you all now and the year to come….

God bless and all My Love XX

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