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Hope this finds you all well and happy. Firstly thank you so much for the support of my new book and I have good news about my third book due to be published in the near future. I am also writing novels now which seem to be very popular with potential publishers. My second book ‘A Walk On The Other Side’ has really done well and helped many people and this is what I dreamed of.  I always write from the heart and people have seen this and appreciated it. I will be updating the website soon as I know it is on my ‘to do list’ and needs updating to show the new work I am doing.

I am due for more surgery Tuesday and will update you on how that goes and what results I get back. I am so grateful for your love and support and the support of my family and friends who have helped me so much. I am blessed with people in my life who are sincere and humble and honest. I am blessed to be surrounded with love and happiness.

Again thank you for the many emails I receive and the positive feedback about my work, I read each email and promise to reply to you all in time.

Blessings and loveX

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