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The power of Love

Drown deeply in starry sparkling eyes
Bathe soothingly in the sea of romance
Float smoothly on curving water waves
Disappear the blues in aquamarine ocean.

Fly high across unlimited moonlit sky
Stray among stars in a faraway milky way
Glide towards galaxies of celestial lights
Let the troubles disappear in afar darkness.

Blissful whispers flow all over in the air
Moments of joy adorn the serenity of lives
Wondrous times harmonize every heart and mind
Existence of true love lasts forever-timeless.

Swiftly lead into raptures over divine true romance
Adorable smiles blooming like blossoms of red roses
Trail bewitching paths cherishing every amorous moment
United hearts surrender to the supreme power of love.

Love is not only about the love of partners in relationships; it’s about love between family, friends and the animal kingdom. On Valentine’s Day I give gifts to my family and pets to show them I love them and to express my feelings of love for them. Love is a powerful word and can change lives.  Love does not need money or fame love only needs an open heart that is willing to return that love.  Love is not about power it is about care and passion and understanding.  Many can abuse love and use it for their own gain; how many of us have had our hearts broken? and how many of us have fallen for the wrong person? ; many I would guess. I myself have been hurt in the past after falling for the wrong person and giving my heart only to have it broken, but I grew from that and it didn’t make me bitter only stronger and wiser. It didn’t mean I would never trust again, it meant I would become aware of my own feelings and love myself first before I gave love to a partner again.  I was going through the worst part of my cancer treatment when someone who I thought loved me decided to prove that I was wrong and decided to show me I was not worth their love. I was ‘down’ for a time but soon came back stronger and wiser and happier. I didn’t judge this person only felt sorry for them because they didn’t know what love is and it seems they have never experienced real love before, so when it was in front of them they had to ‘trod’ on it to prove it wasn’t right.  I am now a different person, I am still Charmaine with the big heart but I am now wiser, and before I give my heart away so easily I make sure that person is  loving like me. Love attracts love and that is so true! since giving that love to someone it came back to me through others love and I am now a strong happy person. The memory of that old love is fading and now holds very small meaning for me. I am asked often if I still have feeling for that person and I answer “no”. I hold happy memories in my heart of happy times with that person for me, but not for them. I am also asked how can you love and then not love; and I answer, “It isn’t about not loving anymore it is about learning to know when to give love and when someone plainly doesn’t want your love; its about learning to walk away when your love is not what they need”.

My new love in my life is caring and sharing and full of spirit, my new love does not need much only many cuddles and the occasional treat. My new love is my Yorkie called Basil and he has given me new hope and in many ways saved my life when I was fighting cancer. He would stay with me day and night and when I was in pain and cried he would try and lick my face until no tears fell. He showed me the real meaning of love and he has helped me to love myself again. In the future I may have room for a partner but for now I am so blessed with love from my pets and my little boy Basil, and from my family and amazing friends who shine their love even  on days when I have my mood swings!

Bless you all this Valentine and remember love is in everything you see around you that is good and makes you happy.XXX

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