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Happy Christmas and New Year!

I would like to take this time to wish you all a lovely and peaceful Christmas and a bright and light New Year. I always love to spend time with my family and friends this time of year and enjoy the Christmas cheer with those I love. I feel very lucky to have the family and friends I have and know that each year I am blessed to have them in my life. I feel their love and support around me and also want to  thank them for their support while I was having my surgery done.

My surgery went very well and I am now on the road to recovery and feel my old happy self returning each day. The surgery was hard to cope with and has taken me time to recover from but it is worth it now I see the end results. I am very blessed to have had a very gifted surgeon give me back what cancer had taken. Cancer seems the last thing on my mind now as I see a bright and happy future ahead of me. Each day is like a gift for me and each day gives me new hope and happiness.

This coming year will be busy as I plan my new books and start work on some new and exciting project I have planned. I feel blessed to have all this to look forward to and I know the New Year will hold more new and exciting things for me.

Let Christmas spread joy and light in all your hearts and homes and let your New Year follow on in that light.

Love to you allXX

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