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New Book ‘A Walk On The Other Side’

At last my New Book goes to print today! and will soon be available to buy. It really has been a long journey as my last publisher went out of business right before the book was to go out! this caused me to have to find a new Publisher and when I did they have helped me move the book along to get it Published alot sooner. I will be adding a New page to my website in the next few weeks and the book details will be on there also.

I want to thank my Publishers for their hard work and for seeing the potential this book can bring. I know it will help many people and will open up a new door for myself. I am proud of this book and will stand tall when I hold the first copy, I will cry with tears of joy for the journey I have had to get my word into print. I have proven to myself and to all those that tried to stop me that when I put my mind to something I can do it! and will do it! and the more people try to put me down the more I will walk tall!.

Bless all of you that have helped me make this new Book my voice to the world.

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